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City Clerk

Arkansas law designates the City Clerk as the official custodian of City records and clerk to the governing body. The City Clerk fulfills statutory responsibilities of the position as the custodian of City records, dating to the City's incorporation in 1880. The records include minutes of meetings, ordinances, resolutions, as well as files on other types of city activities. In the City Manager form of government, the City Clerk also has certain responsibilities for City Board of Directors elections. This office also is responsible for various reports, including the Financial Disclosure Reports, which the Board of Directors, certain City officials, and members of various City boards and commissions are required to file annually.

At the direction of the City Manager, the Clerk's office prepares the electronic agenda and the City Manager Reports for the Board of Directors' meetings, including composing minutes, resolutions and ordinances, and assembling packets for Directors, staff, and media. As new ordinances are adopted, the City Clerk arranges for preparation of supplements to the Code of Ordinances.

Research of records is done for the City Manager, Board of Directors, staff, the public, and the news media. Citizens frequently contact this office for information regarding local ordinances, which regulate a wide range of community activities. As stated earlier, the Clerk's office maintains the official City records; indexes those records; distributes copies of records to staff and citizens. For further information regarding either historical or current records, call (870) 779-4995 or send an e-mail to Heather Soyars.