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Texarkana Arkansas District Probation

Texarkana Arkansas District Probation Office
Bi-State Justice Building
100 North Stateline, #19
Phone: 903-798-3243
Fax: 903-798-3520

Mission Statement

The mission of the Texarkana Arkansas District Probation Department is to create a safer community by preventing crime through offender education and facilitate individual based probation programs. This is to be accomplished by providing to our clients, individualized programming and supervision to include:

  • Individual assessment of needs
  • Values-based education and treatment
  • Restore justice to the community and to individual victims.
  • Client involvement
  • More efficient methods of tracking probationers

Services Provided

  • Community Service
  • Alcohol/Drug Education
  • Domestic Violence Education
  • Curfew Violator Program
  • House Arrest

Community Service

The Texarkana Arkansas District Probation Office has instituted a community service program for those defendants that are financially unable to pay fines and for those defendants ordered by the Judge to perform community service as a punishment.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Increase marketable job skills through training and experience
  • Establish positive work habits
  • Obtain gainful employment
  • Increase the level of self-esteem, interpersonal skills, and strengthen community ties
  • To beautify and contribute to our community.

The entrance criteria includes:

  • Probationer is considered a non-violent offender
  • Probationer does not exhibit any severe physical or mental limitations that would prevent him/her from performing basic employment by the Court
  • Probationer has no financial means in which to pay his/her fine

Job sites for our program are chosen from those whose function is delivering community service. The following job sites have been utilized by the department:

  • Texarkana Arkansas City Hall
  • Texarkana Arkansas Parks and Recreations
  • Texarkana Arkansas Housing Authority
  • Miller County Court House
  • Miller County Health Clinic
  • Miller County Juvenile Center
  • Texarkana Arkansas Fire Department
  • Miller County Sheriff's Office
  • Municipal Clerk's Office Probation Office
  • City of Fouke, Arkansas
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • City Baseball Program
  • Animal Shelter

Alcohol/Drug Education Classes

The Texarkana Arkansas District Court Probation Office works with agencies that provide alcohol and drug education classes to ensure alcohol and drug offenders complete the programs defendants are ordered by the court to attend.

Domestic Violence

The Texarkana Arkansas District Court Probation Office monitors those defendants ordered to attend Domestic Violence Prevention Classes and Life Skills/Anger Management Classes to ensure theses offenders complete the programs ordered by the Court.

Curfew Violaters

The Texarkana Arkansas District Court Probation Office ensures defendants charged with curfew violations attend community service, monitors grade averages and reports same to District Judge and are in close contact with parents and guardians of curfew violators to ensure these juveniles are conducting themselves in a more responsible manner.