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Mayor N. Wayne Smith

Elected: 11-2-2010

Term: 1-1-2011 - 12-31-2014

Occupation: Retired

Texas A&M University: Texarkana - BAAS Organizational leadership
Lake Superior College - AA Liberal Arts
Arkansas High School - Class of 1967

Priorities as Council member:

  • Promote a climate for jobs and business
  • Protect Texarkana, Arkansas vital interests
  • Maintain well equipped and highly trained fire and police department
  • Build trust and confidence with citizens
  • Work to improve twin city relations

Areas of special interest:

  • Spending taxpayers' dollars wisely
  • Providing strong leadership for Texarkana, Arkansas city government
  • Doing what is best for Texarkana, Arkansas
  • Enhance infrastructure and appearance of our community
  • Ensure our city government is organized and efficient everyday