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Board of Adjustment - Application Procedures

City of Texarkana, Arkansas

P.O. Box 2711, Texarkana AR 75504-2711

In order to expedite variance requests, the Board of Adjustment of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, has adopted the following procedures that must be satisfied for each request that comes before the Board of Adjustment.

  1. Applications must be submitted at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the Board of Adjustment's regular monthly meeting. The Board of Adjustment meets on the fourth Monday of each month.
  2. Applications must be submitted by the property owner or by his authorized agent, such as an attorney, or by a prospective purchaser of the property who has binding option to purchase contingent on Board of Adjustment approval.
  3. Each application must be accompanied by a complete development plan drawn at an appropriate scale that shows the following information:
    1. All property lines, easements and adjacent public and private right-of-ways.
    2. Location of all buildings and accessory structures (sheds, carports, etc.)
    3. The approximate topography including storm drainage.
    4. The location of all parking spaces driveways, loading zones, and means of vehicular access and egress to the site.
    5. The location of any screening devices (fences, hedges, walls, etc.)
    6. The location and size of any signs.
    7. Appropriate dimensions to indicate setbacks, required open spaces, and yard areas.
    8. In addition, the development plan shall contain a narrative statement showing the record owners name, the legal description, the street address, and the overall height of the structure (if no elevation is provided).
    9. The applicant must complete an application that will be provided by the Planning Division - Public Works Department.
    10. The applicant shall submit a nonrefundable fee ($100.00) with the application to pay for the legal notice and public hearing expenses.

    When the above requirements have been met, the Board of Adjustment will consider the application at its next regularly scheduled meeting.