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Storm Water Management

The city of Texarkana is dedicated to keeping Arkansas The Natural State by ensuring that water quality is protected from stormwater runoff. City officials are responsible for upholding federal and state laws mandated by the EPA and ADEQ and are determined to enforce the Texarkana, Arkansas stormwater management plan to help contractors and citizens maintain a high water quality standard.

Solutions to Stormwater Polution (.pdf)

Why Stormwater Matters (.pdf)

Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Protect Our Water (.pdf)

Demolition Work (.pdf)

Stormwater Best Management Practices to Make Your Home a Solution to Pollution (.pdf)

How to reduce stormwater runoff at your home (.pdf)

What is stormwater and how can you help? (.pdf)

Stormwater Brochure Texarkana, Arkansas (.pdf)

Public Awareness Brochure (.pdf)

What can enter a storm drain (.pdf)

City of Texarkana Stormwater Checklist (.pdf)

Stormwater Erosion Flyer (.pdf)

Stormwater Training (.pdf)

A Citizen's Guide to Understanding Stormwater (.pdf)

Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) (.pdf)

The following links contain helpful information:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA's Citizen's Guide to Understanding Stormwater (.pdf)

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality